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Find the answers to all your questions about YouTube Downloader.
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What was the YouTube Downloader created for?

You Tube Downloader is a handy program created for searching, playing and downloading different kinds of media files from the YouTube.com, the largest and most popular video host in the world. The program is a highly precise while searching music and video clips in the database, besides it allows its users to download files in the desired format. More above it has really impressing download speed.

Which Operating Systems does the YouTube Downloader work with?

The current version of YouTube Downloader works only with Window OS starting from Window 2000 version. The situation will be changed in the future, so that the Downloader would work with other OS.

Does one has to install a converter?

There is no need in doing this, while the converter is inbuilt in the system. Conversion and downloading are two simultaneous processes.

You should choose the option Download as and select the format you need.

How to convert the saved on PC files?

To our regret, this option is impossible, as it was written above that conversion and downloading are two simultaneous processes that could not be separated. So, the YouTube Downloader convers files directly while downloading.

Which file formats can be downloaded with the help of YouTube Downloader program?

These are such audio formats as:

MP3, .AAC, .AIFF, .AU, .AC3, .FLAC, .OGG, .WAV, .WMA.

And popular video formats:

AVI, .FLV, .M2T, .MP4, .MPEG, .M1V, .M2V, .MOV, .WMV.

Is this program free or a paid one, should a license be bought?

No, the program is free of charge. It could be distributed freely under the EULA (End-User License Agreement). But we should mention that there is more advanced YouTube Downloader version and that version is a paid one.

How and where to download the program?

It is as easy as a pie. Just click Download Now button and save the setup file on the disk.

That’s all and the thing is as good as done!


What about registration, is it needed or not?

No, it is not required.

Help to get known how to use the Downloader.

YouTube Downloader is very simple-to-use but thou very helpful, sometimes even irreplaceable. There are two searching boxes in the main window. One could do it manually or just copy and paste the song name or the name of its performer and to click the button Search. Another great possibility is provided by this program. In the case you have forgotten both the title of the song and the name of the singer, you could enter a line from the song and the program will find it. Just in few seconds you will enjoy your favorite hit.

What steps should be made in case the program finds nothing?

There are some possible reasons for that:

  • Get sure that you are connected to the Internet. The program will not work if the connection is very low or was interrupted.
  • The desired file is no longer available.
  • The file name is incorrect.
Could one download several tracks simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible, just use the multithread download.

Could be different format files be downloaded simultaneously?

It is absolutely possible, just choose the needed format for each file. 

Could one listen to music and download files at the same time?

Yes, it is possible but you need to consider one nuance that the download speed will be much more lover.

What will happen if to download files and listen music simultaneously?

Nothing serious would happen. Obviously that the download speed will be much more lover, but the files quality will remain the same.

Could one choose the file quality by him/herself?

The chosen files are downloaded in the original format. Be sure that only high-quality files are usually chosen by the YouTube Downloader.

How things are with the HD-videos?

Any video could be downloaded with the help of this program.

Should the music be downloaded on the drive to be listen?

It is not necessary, while one may listen it online, without downloading.

Should the desired videos be downloaded on the drive in order to be watched?

It is necessary. Unfortunately one cannot watch a video with the help of YouTube Downloader.

Could one listen to online radio with the help of You Tube Downloader?

Such function does not exist. You may listen online music with the help of YouTube Downloader and you may regulate according to your taste and preferences the tracks order.

Could the YouTube Downloader work without Internet connection?

Definitely not. As it was written above only the stable internet connection is required for normal work of the YouTube Downloader.

What should one do if the Internet connection was interrupted while downloading files?

If such thing has happen one should restart all the downloads.

Is that allowed to interrupt the downloading for a while?

Yes, such an opportunity is provided. Just click the Pause Button.

How to restart the downloading?

By clicking the Resume button, which is in the context menu.

How could one to update the You Tube Downloader?

To update the current version of your YouTube Downloader to the latest one, you must visit its official website and to download the setup file, following all the prompts of installation wizard.

How one could distinguished which of the You Tube Downloader versions is being currently used?

In the main menu Help section. Select the About submenu and the current version of YouTube Downloader will be displayed in the new window.

Where one could find the downloaded file?

Click on the name of the file in the Downloads Area and then select Open in folder.

Is it allowed to rename the tracks in You Tube Downloader?

One can change the title of a file only after it has been completely downloaded.

The music should be played only on PC?

No, One can play music on his or her iPhone, iPad and iPod, smartphone, tablet PC or whatever.