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Everything started in 2010 in Tortola, one of the largest and most populated of the British Virgil Islands. That time three young aspiring and undoubtedly talented people focused on the work and result founded the You Tube Downloader Company. Ultimately, it has yielded fruit and currently more than 50 people are working at the company.

At the beginning of its performance the company had a very small team, but this did not prevent it from further successful development. What is its secret? The secret is that there was no a secret, just collaboration, hard work and deep-seated faith in their own strength. The primarily goal of the company was to create an ultra-new solution to an old problem. We wanted to work in two directions: to create necessary software for business sector and free of charge products for pastime and fun.

For these purposes, we constantly kept in touch with our customers in order to find out which product would be the most desirable on the market. Therefore, in such a way one of the main software products of our company You Tube Downloader appeared, it is the source of the pride of our company. We were trying to attract as much customers as it was possible by creating applicable products both domains of our activity. As a basis we took solely the needs of our customers and turn them into break-through ideas. We were constantly working over the ways of implementing these ideas into reality and we found them. The word “impossible” did not exist for us.

The You Tube Downloader Company only highly demanded utilities, creating both paid and free products.


Our results


We are glad to present to your attention the main result of our work – You Tube Downloader!

Let’s firstly speak about the YouTube service and why it is so popular nowadays. The You Tube is a large video host, the most renowned and popular worldwide. Users visit YouTube in order to watch videos, to comment them, add and share their own, to get to know the opinion of other people about the videos they are interested in. Despite the unconditional fact that the YouTube is undoubtedly a brilliant product, yet it has one major drawback from the point of view of its clients. It is that you might not to download its videos.

We are pleased to present to your heed the YouTube Downloader! It is a very helpful utility that allows the users to convert and download any video or song you would like to have from the You Tube service, as well as to search and find different videos and music hits, listen and watch them online, transfer them in any device you have. It is very important that it is absolutely free!


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